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Greek icon, triptych



Greek icon,  triptych depicting the Transfiguration on the mount Thabor.
Greece, around 1800.
The central panel shows Jezus with Mozes and Eliah on the mount Thabor. At his feet kneeling figures of St. Peter, St Jacob, and St John. On the wings of the triptych on the left empress Helena with cross and scepter and on the right Emperor Constantin with cross and scepter. ( to commemorate the finding of the holy cross in the 4th century) On the back of the wings two saints: on the left St. Charalampos and on the right a deacon or bishop ( Saint Nicolas ?).

The Transfiguration is a rare theme.
Condition: The panel has been broken and needs some restoration. The hinges should be repaired.

Dimensions when closed: 35 x 27 x 4 cm.
Open: 35 x 53 x 4 cm.

Condition: This icon needs restoration. There is a crack in the middle part. The paint is fully original without restoration. Authentic piece.