About us

Welcome to Dullaert Art & Antiques

Dullaert Art & Antiques offers a wide collection of antiquities. Online we are active on our website and in our eBay shop where we offer our products worldwide. We can also be found at Art- and Antique Fairs across The Netherlands, such as: Deventer Bookmarket, The Hague Art- and Antique Fair, Collectors Fair Utrecht.

Anna Dullaert Dullaert Art & Antiques over ons about usFollowing in the tracks of my father Peter Dullaert (antique dealer, appraiser, auctioneer) I founded Dullaert Art & Antiques. You can say entrepreneurship is in my blood. Between 2009 and 2013 I did my studies in Small Business & Retail Management and obtained my degree in Business Administration. During my studies I started doing house clearances as a side job and got interested in the antiquities and curiosities I encountered. Finally traveling for almost one year through Asia inspired me to start a business of my own in the art and antique trade. Besides selling art & antiques, I assist my father where possible to increase my level of expertise.

By Anna Dullaert.