Ary Scheffer (1795 – 1858), follower of



Follower of Ary Scheffer (10 February 1795 – 15 June 1858)
‘Jesus teaching in the temple’
Oil on canvas
83 x 90 cm.

Jesus is seated in the middle, among the teachers, in the back you see Mary and Joseph looking for him.

In fairly good condition, one small scratch and two dents in the canvas (see images). Relined. Without frame (sides with tape).

Ary Scheffer (10 February 1795 – 15 June 1858) was a Dutch-French Romantic painter.[1] He was known mostly for his works based on literature, with paintings based on the works of Dante, Goethe, and Lord Byron, as well as religious subjects. He was also a prolific painter of portraits of famous and influential people in his lifetime. Politically, Scheffer had strong ties to King Louis Philippe I, having been employed as a teacher of the latter’s children, which allowed him to live a life of luxury for many years until the French Revolution of 1848.