Mother Mary with the Child Jesus, early 17th century


Sculpture of Mother Mary with the Child Jesus.

Mary is holding the Child on her right hand. Jesus makes a blessing gesture and holds a small globe. ( a sign of His power over the world)

Mother Mary has a bunch of grapes in her left hand, referring to the Eucharist) The faces of both Mother Mary and Jesus are rather friendly.

The statue is made in Belgium, probably in Mechelen. This town was a centre where a lot of sculptures where made, Statues of Mary and child are named “Poupee de Malines’ ( Puppet of Mechelen)

The polychromy on this sculpture is definitely very old but its hard to tell if it is the original first paint. There are some old restorations.

The silver crown is of later date. (around 1900)

The cross on the globe is missing.

Dimensions: 61,5×23×20 cm

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