Silver German toilet box



Silver German toilet box with elaborate decoration in baroque style.

On the lid a mythological scene with 3 male Gods on the right – one of them Pan with his flute and goat paws – and another God – Dionysus – on the left side with a wrath on his head and a beaker in his right hand.

The side of the box is decorated with carefully hammered motives of plants and fruits in a style that was in vogue around 1660.

There are 4 hallmarks on the bottom:

1) 13 with key stating that silver of 812/1000 was used.
2) Town mark in the form of an eagle, Hanau
3) Crowned head as makers mark ?
4) Lion. (this hallmark is worn out)

The box is made by hand by a skilled silversmith probably from Hanau.

Good condition

Dimensions: 4 x 8,5 cm.