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Silver tea service Chinoiserie style




The tea service consists of a teapot, coffee jug and sugar pot. The hallmark – in the form of a double Janushead – indicates that the teaservice must be made between 1831 and 1869 and given the style in which it was manufactured, the date of onset will be earlier than 1850. Of all three parts, the “bellies” have vertical seams indicating the boundary of swung and bulging parts. The lids also show such seams. On the top of the lids are three different cast Chinese mandimen ( or mandarin) with, mustache, pointed shoes, robes falling to the knee and each with its own headcover. These figures are partly gilded. Every part is decorated with engraving. All three parts are decorated with birds in engraving. The sugar pot also has a falconer and a Chinese with arrow and bow. The teapot with a smoking Chinese and a standing figure, the coffee pot with two Chinese with puff pants, one of which carries a warpage sword. The spouts of the tea and coffee pot are fitted with hammered bamboo motifs and the handles are made of ivory with a bamboo motif. The bottom edges are round and have a simple profile. The inside of the sugar pot is gold-plated.

* Can only be shipped within the EU

The whole shows that the silversmith made use of all conceivable techniques that he had at his disposal: Casting, driving, chiseling, engraving and gilding.

The tea service is in a good state of preservation, with only a few minor dents. I can’t tell if a matching milk jug has ever been made.

On the undersides all three objects have three silver hallmarks:

– A double Janushead with 2 for 83,5 % Solid Silver content from 1831 to 1869.
– A master mark G and J intertwined and
– A label 2V (essay stitches ?)

Weight and height:

Coffee pot: Weight: 710 grams. ( including ivory handle), height: 25 cm.

Teapot: Weight: 511 gram.(including ivory handle) Height : 21 cm

Sugar pot: Weight: 437 grams. Height : 20 cm.