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Gothic sculpture Mary with Child



Sculpture of the virgin Mary with the child Jesus, northern France, early Gothic period.

Mary wears a hairband and has an internalized look. The Jesus child has a comparatively large head to express his wisdom. Mary’s hair arrangement is subdued while the Christ child has lush curls. The fold and the expression of the faces indicate an early phase in the Gothic period.

The folds of the mantle are more or less S-shaped; a hallmark of the early ‘international’ Gothic style. The statue was probably made by a master sculptor from a better city studio in northern France. Due to its modesty and fold fall, it can be dated around 1400.

Condition: the statue is partly affected by woodworm, but because of the hardness of the oak wood, the woodworm has not penetrated into the image to the extent that the whole has become molten.

Height: 87 cm.

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