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Silver rosewater sprinkler



Rare rosewater sprinkler, the surface embossed and engraved with floral paterns, the top with a horses head. The top attached to the base with hand made worm.

Marked with makersmark Jean-François VEYRAT (1832-1840), assaymark for Paris 950/000 and a Dutch assaymark Z1 used to restest the silver grade.

Weight: approx. 656 gr. Height appprox. 41 cm.

Jean-François VEYRAT, goldsmith at 10, rue de la Tour, Paris. Registered mark on May 5, 1832, deleted mark on January 18, 1840. Prefecture number : 3260, warranty number : 3113.
Documentation : “Archives de la Garantie, Paris : pl. d’insculp. N°29, Archives de la Garantie, Paris : registre d’insculp. 1820 à 1840.”

Jean-François VEYRAT began his career in 1815 by manufacturing objects in silver plating. In 1830 he began to manufacture solid silver pieces.
He will receive numerous awards and decoration, including a silver medal at the Exposition des Produits de l’Industrie Française in 1834, as well as another in 1839. His pieces are classic but noted for the elegance of their design and their beautiful quality of execution : complete table services but also important pieces, boxes, tobacco jars, coffee services in vermeil and enamel, and even groups, including for example the Abduction of Ganymede whose drawing has come down to us .


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• ÉGLISE PAROISSIALE SAINT-MICHEL, Liffré, “Coquille de baptème”, solid silver, Paris, 1832-1838.[:]