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12 pith paper paintings



Series of 12 paintings of Chinese ladies in gouache on pith paper. Every painting shows a Chinese lady with a different toy, a musical instrument, or some Chinese furniture. The colors of the dresses of the ladies differ greatly from yellow to blue, rose-red and purple. The faces of the ladies are Chinese but show some Western/European influence. The quality of the paintings is outstanding; the used colours are vivid. The paintings were made as a souvenir for visitors from abroad in China in the 19th century.

Condition: there are some minor cracks and spots in the paper due to aging. (see photographs) Originally the 12 leaves with the paintings were bound in one album. The original binding is still available and is delivered with the paintings. Rare and complete set of good quality.

Dimensions: with passe-partout 39 x 28 cm., without passe-partout 29 x 22 cm.