Russian feastday icon


Fine Russian feastday icon painted in the Old Believer village of Palech. The central image shows the greatest festival of Christianity: Easter. This feast is depicted in two layers: below the descent into hell, above the resurrection from the grave. This scene is surrounded by the 12 most important festivals of the Orthodox Church: from left to right and from top to bottom: the birth of the Virgin, the commission of the Virgin in the temple, the annunciation, Christmas, the commission of Jesus in the temple, the baptism in the Jordan, the entry into Jerusalem, the transfiguration, the ascension, the Old Testament trinity, the dormitio and the exaltation of the cross. Holiday icons are painted only in Russia. Only Palech painters painted them at the end of the 18th century on ivory white colored background. Beautifully executed in 16th century style.

Dimensions: 53×44×3,7 cm

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